That Time I Didn't Sign-up for a Race

My morning class was cancelled today, but I woke up early out of habit anyway. "Perfect," I thought when I saw the clock, "I can sign-up for the Mid Winter Classic."

last year we got ALL the snow and I did ALL the runs
The Mid Winter Classic is a 10 mile race in February that I've done a few times. It's really well organized and it provides good motivation to keep running through the winter. 

I went to the registration and started filling it out. I got to the bottom, but when I went to hit submit, I stopped for a minute. I realized that I really didn't want to sign-up for this race. 

After marathon training for the past 8 winters, I realized that I don't want to sign-up for a race in Maine in February. I've forced myself through so many miserable long runs and races, I just need a break this year. Not just that, but I don't really want to sign up for any race now. Not even a race in Florida. I'm just not ready to jump into a cycle of formal training. School is my priority now. Plus, I'm really enjoying running when I want and however long I feel like running that day.

Am I still a runner if I never race?