My Favorite Places to Run in Maine

It is no secret that I am a Maniac. I absolutely love my home state and so I thought I'd do a few posts to highlight some of my favorite things in the state. 

Today is all about my favorite places to run

1. The carriage roads in Acadia There are 45 miles of beautiful, wide carriage roads that run through Acadia National Park. These roads have everything you could want in a run: the even, dirt surface is easy on the legs, the hills provide a good challenge, and the scenery is spectacular. My only complaint is that they aren't close enough to my house!

2. Back Cove Trail, Portland.  This 3.5 mile crushed gravel trail around Back Cove is one of the first places I ever ran. It is mostly flat, is marked every 1/4 mile, and has bathrooms and water fountains. There is pretty much always a nice breeze and there great views of the water and of Portland. Plus, there are always lots of other runners and bikers if you are nervous about running alone.

3. Eastern Trail (Starting at Scarborough). The eastern trail is a 65 mile trail that goes all the way from Kittery (just over the Maine border) to Bug Light in South Portland.  My favorite section starts in Scarborough and runs south. This section passes by the Scarborough marsh which is beautiful in all seasons. I've seen herons, geese, and all kinds of other wildlife. The trail is dirt, flat, and nicely shaded.

4. Peak's Island (or any island really) I do the Peak's Island 5 miler nearly every summer. There is something special about taking a ferry out to run. There is little traffic on the island, countless water views, a sea breeze, and an ocean to jump in immediately after finishing. It turns a run into a mini vacation.

Are you a Mainer or have you visited? Where is your favorite place to run? 


  1. This makes me want to visit Maine so bad! My husband and I have wanted to do a fall trip there for years! Maybe 2016 :)

    1. You should! Maine is the bomb. I would be glad to host you and take you to all of these places!


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