I do the same bike ride nearly every Wednesday morning and over the past month it has been neat to watch the transition from summer to fall. I watched the beaches empty, the beach cottages close up , the number of out of state license plates dwindle, the little markets and ice cream stands close, the school buses return to the road. I felt the temperature slowly drop and the wind increase. This morning I saw the first of the fall foliage.

I love fall in Maine. The air is crisp but the sun is still warm and the colors just seem incredibly vivid. Monday I took Sushi to walk at Fort Williams and I just couldn't get over how beautiful it was, even though I've been there a hundred times. The water was a such a deep, dark blue and you could see for miles and miles. The surf was wild.

Yesterday we hiked up Bradbury Mountain. I just couldn't stop breathing in that clean, cool fall air. Sushi was a fan of the falling leaves and acorns.

summit selfie

Plus, fall means it is time to break out all my favorite fall foods. After a summer of salads and fruit, I am ready to bring on the warm comfort food. Monday I roasted up a big batch of root veggies and winter squash and made a loaf of bread. Last night I finally tried (sweet potato) hash browns. Hot crispy and delicious!

I have already made the most of the first few days of fall, but I still have so many fall activities to look forward to. We have 2 fairs, apple picking, a corn maze, and pumpkin carving on our agenda. 

Does it feel like fall where you live? Are you sad to see summer end or ready for a new season? What is your favorite fall activity?