Going to the Dogs?

There is a park with a great 2 mile trail loop around a lake less than 5 minutes from my house. Every so often I wonder why I don't run there more often. I mean, it's a pretty trail and it is so close! So I'll go do a loop and then I remember why I don't go there- the dogs!

It is a popular dog park so there are dogs everywhere.

I have 2 adorable dogs, so I like dogs. Look at this cutie, who could not love her?

What I don't like is rude dog owners. I can't believe how many people bothdon't pick up after their dogs and don't control their dogs. 

Last week I tried going for a run in the park and taking the puppy, Sushi, for a walk there. Both times, big, not so friendly looking, dogs ran right at me. Their owners did nothing to call them back. Even when I asked one woman to please call off her dog because my dog was scared, she just said "oh he is friendly," and kept letting the dog run. Plus, I almost stepped in dog poop that was right in the middle of the trail.

As a runner and a pet owner, this makes me so mad! People like this are ruining these great public places for everyone! 

Have you ever had an issue with dogs while running? Did you call the dog owner out on it? If you have a dog, what do you do to control your dog?