I was looking back at my Garmin data from the past couple months and notice a distinct trend. In July and August 27 of my 40 runs were 6 miles in distance.

6 miles has become "my run."

It takes me just under an hour, so I consider that enough to be my only workout of the day. It is long enough to feel like a decent distance, short enough that I can maintain a decent pace, and just the right amount of time to be out if it is really hot or cold. Plus, since I am an early morning runner I can complete it without eating or drinking anything first.

I do try to get in one longer run a week, but I'm not great about that unless I am training for a longer race. I also try to do one shorter workout that is faster, but the only way I can run less than 6 miles is if I am also doing another workout. So usually by the time I get to my speedwork, my legs are already fried from whatever I did first.

I know I should vary my workouts more, but I just love my 6 milers!

Do you have "normal" distance? What is it? Why do you think that is?