Island Girl

Until Friday at noon my plan for the weekend was to spend Friday night out in Portland then head to Boston on Saturday. But, when I found out that my Mother-in-law, had fallen and hurt her foot, I ditched all my city plans and decided to head up to Islesboro for the weekend.

Really, I didn't mind this change of plans. While I have come to appreciate cities, I am really an island girl at heart.

I love the quiet and the darkness. You don't realize how much ambient noise and light is in your life until it goes away. I love standing in perfect silence looking at the incredibly bright sky.

I love being surrounded by water on all sides. I never get tired of the ocean.

My view from town beach today

I love the sense of community. You wave at every single person you pass on the road and they wave back. Every person in the Island Market says hello.

I love the slower pace of life.

Naturally, there are some things I don't love. Namely, lugging sh**t. You have to carry out every single thing you need to wear, to eat, and to amuse yourself with.

Friday I had about 20 minutes to pack everything Dixie dog and I would need for the weekend in a bag small enough to carry on and off the ferry. Obviously the bike and the guitar had to stay at home, which was a major bummer when I got out here and discovered that the roads had all just been paved. The biking would have been so good!

I also miss the lack of variety when it comes to food. You can't just run out and get Thai if you don't feel like cooking or an exotic spice you need for a recipe. Friday I had to grab whatever I already had at home that I could easily carry and didn't need refrigeration.

I can survive on Kashi, Annie's, a banana and peanut butter right?

I also get tired of the lack of variety of running/biking routes. There are only a few roads and they are all wicked hilly. Sometimes I wish there were more choices than left or right!

Still, I'd pick an island over a city any day. 

Are you a country mouse or a city mouse?


  1. I hope your MiL is doing okay!

    I am totally a country girl :)

  2. Country girl here too!!!! I'd love island life! And yes, I believe you'll be good with kasha, pb, and banana!


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