Buzz Buzz

Happy National Coffee Day! I love my daily cup of joe.

I didn't start drinking coffee daily until my junior year of college when I lived in Italy (funny story: first week I was there I didn't know the pot of coffee on the table was espresso. I was drinking a huge cup of it every morning and couldn't figure out why I was so jittery). 

During the week, I am out of bed and running within 10 minutes so I save my coffee for after my run. But if I am going to the gym, I usually gulp down some coffee on the way there.

I always have coffee before races and long runs. When I travel to races I even bring my own coffee and mini French press.

I couldn't have coffee before the Antarctica marathon because the desalination system wasn't working correctly. I just couldn't choke down coffee made with salt water!

I drink my hot coffee black, but my iced coffee with skim milk and sugar.

My favorite coffee flavored are Yankee Doodle (cinnamon and hazelnut) and Jamacian Me Crazy (hazelnut butter rum ). But it has to be the flavored beans, I don't like the flavored syrup.

Do drink coffee everyday? When do you have your coffee? How do you drink it?