New Zealand Training Update Weeks 9-11

Time has gotten away from me and I am a week behind. But better late than never right?


  • Originally I had planned to do 3 weeks build and 1 cut-back week. But, I could feel myself burning out physically and mentally so I changed it to 2 weeks build and 1 week cut-back week.
  • What a difference a week makes. I did my 14 miler on the trail 2 weeks ago. There was no snow and it felt great! This week the roads were so snowy and icy. I was battling traffic and terrible footing. It felt like 30 miles.
  • After a mild December, winter has arrived with a vengeance. In addition to the snow/ice, this week I also battled extreme cold. I wimped out and went to the treadmill one day and the indoor track another, but hate them both so headed outside on the third day. I think I officially set a record for most layers worn on a run ever.
  • I also hit the point of wondering why on earth I continue to put myself through this. I had a long stressful week, wasn't feeling good, and the weather was so crappy. I was so wishing I could just stay in bed in my pj's all day Saturday instead of doing a long run. I must admit I totally let myself entertain the fantasies of all the ways my life would be better if I just ran the half.

The Numbers

Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total Run

7 Run 3.2, Kickbox 45m, Strength Run 7 XT 1 hr Run 7 + 7 Swim 1 mile Metabolic 45m Run 3.3 Metabolic 45, Run 3.3 31.3

8 Run 6 Spin 1hr, Strength Metabolic 1 hr Run 6 Run 6 Track Run 6, strength Metabolic 45, XT 30 24.8

9 Run7 Run 6 Metabolic 1 hr Run14 Swim 1 mile Metabolic 45m Run 4 Metabolic 45, XT 30 30.72

10 Run 6 Run 6 XT 1 hr Run 5.5 Metabolic 45, XT 30 Run 15.5 Metabolic 45, Run 3 32.7