Tough or Stupid?

As runners we like to brag about how tough we are. We say that the tough runs are the runs that really make you stronger. This can be true, but sometimes I also think we just use this as an excuse to justify bad decisions. 

I know that I can be dedicated to a fault. I have a marathon training plan and I want to do everything in my power to stick to that. Sometimes though I just have to ask myself "am I just being an idiot?"

Today was one of those days. Was doing my long run today tough or stupid?

-The temperature was 11, without the windchill
-The roads were icy/snowy. I either had to run in the middle of the main road (and keep jumping out of the way of cars), or slide around on the side-roads. I almost got hit several time and I fell twice.
-I am coming down with a cold. Yesterday I had hot/cold flashes all day, started getting a sore throat, and generally felt terrible and had no energy. 
-My legs were fried before I even started. I went to absolutely brutal bootcamp yesterday and have terrible DOMS in my quads and butt. Plus, my calves are still really tight and my hips are achy from running on the tiny indoor track earlier this week. 
-I was exhausted and stressed from a long week.

Where do you draw the line between tough and stupid?


  1. Have you tried using something like Nanospikes or Yaxtrax when you run in the snow/ice? It does wonders!! I tend to run until the temp is below 0, then I take a day off. I also run when I'm coming down with a cold because it seems to help me get over it faster... so no, I don't think you were stupid to run! :) Although I have done some stupid runs in my life... :) I blame that on my stubbornness!

    ~ Lora @ Crazy Running Girl

    1. I have Yaktrax, but I find they work better in snow or slush. This was really hard ice over the entire surface of the road.... the Yaktrax didn't grip into it at all.

  2. I think its also about knowing your own limits. Here in the Sydney summer it can get very hot and I sometimes push my long training runs when I probably shouldn't. I agree with Lora that sometimes running just prior to feeling ill sometimes makes me feel as if I dont get as sick.


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