The snow is taller than Sushi!
In case you somehow missed the news, we had a quite a blizzard here in the Northeast this week. We got about about 23 inches here in the Portland area. That's a lot of snow. But apparently Mother Nature didn't think that was enough, because today we are getting another 6-10 inches and another big storm is in the forecast for Monday.

Now I could be annoyed the havoc all this snow is wreaking on my marathon training and the fact that my 10 mile race on Sunday is most likely going to be cancelled. But instead, I am choosing to look on the bright side. Snowy days mean cozy, quality time with the hubby and that I can finally enjoy my favorite winter sports!

During the blizzard we ventured out a couple times with Sushi (Dixie our older dog chose to stay inside on the couch). Watching the dog absolutely lose her mind with joy in all the snow was my favorite part of the storm. We also cooked up a feast, finally roasting the turkey we've had in our freezer since Christmas.

Wednesday I took Sushi out for a snowshoe adventure. We got off to a rough start- I was still fixing my mittens and poles when Sushi saw a squirrel. She took off after the squirrel, pulling me along with her. Unfortunately, my feet were buried in a couple feet of snow and so I couldn't get my legs moving. Plop, face first into the snow. At least it was a soft landing! After that though, we had a great tromp. Plus it was a great workout! My heart rate really got up and my legs and arms were sore the next day. 

eyeing another squirrel

Yesterday the hubby and I played hooky and went downhill skiing at Mt. Abrahm. Tons of fresh powder, bright sunshine, no crowds, and $25 lift-tickets. We couldn't have asked for a better day. We got in a solid 7-8 hours of skiing and my legs were totally fried by the end of the day,

This morning there was only about an inch of new snow when I woke up, so I decided to run outside while I could! I enjoyed an only slightly slippery run through fat, wet snowflakes. 

Are you buried in snow? Have you been resorting to the treadmill or taking it outside? Are you still singing "Let it Snow," or are you dreaming of spring?