You Are Amazing

I am actually making good on my promises to myself to recover better in an attempt to stay injury free. So I took a day off from running and the gym and instead went to a gentle yoga class.

As is often the case at yoga, I got as much out of it mentally as I did physically. As we were relaxing into shavasana our teacher told us to remember to honor ourselves. "You are so much more amazing than you give yourself credit for," she said.

When it comes to running I tend to feel like I never do enough, like I am not enough. I compare myself to the people who run 100 miles a week or run a 3 hour marathon.

But when I think about it, actually I am pretty amazing. I mean I ran 18 miles Thursday. 18 miles! When I was fist running I was constantly astounded when I ran new distances. OMG I ran for a whole hour. Then I ran a half marathon. I wore my race shirt around college like I had won a gold medal. When I finished my first marathon I couldn't stop smiling for a week.

Somewhere along the way as I trained for my third, and then fourth, and now my seventh marathon  I stopped giving myself credit for my accomplishments. I shouldn't though!

Running is hard man. Training for and running a marathon really doesn't get any easier. I go out there for hours at a time, by myself, in the cold and the snow. I push through a lot of discomfort. I am amazing. And you are too!