This little kitten has lost her mitten

Competitor Glo-Mitt, Black with Hi Viz PinkAfter my long run on New Year's day I tossed my stuff in the car, drove home (cranking the heat and drinking my Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator) and headed straight for a hot shower, stopping only to dump all my sweaty running stuff in the washer.

Friday as I took my clothes off the drying rack to put away, I came to a horrible realization. I'd lost one of my mittens!

I got these New Balance Competitor Glo-Mitts last year and they changed my life. Okay, maybe that's a little dramatic but I do absolutely love them.

They have a flip top, so when you get too hot or you need to do something with your fingers, you can just fold them back and they stay in place with a magnet. Genius. I don't have to take my whole mitten off when I am freezing at the start my run to start my Garmin. And when I inevitably get too hot, I can open them up and let some air in.

Competitor Glo-Mitt, Black with Hi Viz Pink

And now one is lost forever. I searched my whole house, my car, and I even drove back to the Eastern Trail Parking lot to look for it. Whomp whomp. 

What piece of running gear do you love so much that you would spend hours searching for it and be devastated if it were lost?


  1. Bummer! I hope it somehow still shows up. Are you going to order another pair if you don't?

    Mine would be my garmin. LOL.

  2. My garmin and my miolink HR monitor would be devastating!


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