The Results are In

We got our puppy, Sushi, in June from a local rescue organization called Helping Paws and were told that she was a Basset Hound/Terrier mix. It was only a guess though because she had been found, abandoned, on the side of the road in Missouri and they had no information on her parents. As she's grown, we've continued to wonder what exactly she is. She really looks like no dog I've ever seen before.

 4 month old Sushi and the year-old Birthday girl!

So for Christmas my Mother-in-law got us a doggy DNA kit. We were so excited! We would finally have answer when people ask "What kind of dog is that?"

We swabbed her cheeks, sent away the kit, and took bets. I was guessing basset hound or corgi based on her long, low to the ground body shape and love of sniffing, terrier based on her scruffy face, and yellow lab based on her coloring and sweet personality.

Well it turns out we were all wrong!

Our dog is apparently a Shar Pei, Rottweiler, Golden Retriever, Small Munsterlander mix! I guess it is true that you can't judge a book by its cover. Whatever she is we love her!

She is a fetch machine.

And a complete nut in the snow.

In other Sushi (the dog, not the food) related news, she has started running with me! A couple mornings I was crunched for time and it was freezing out, so instead of taking her for a separate walk and then running, I decided to take her with me for a mile or so! I figured she is now a year (the age when it is safe for dogs to start running), so why not give it a try? She LOVES it. She kept looking up at with with her happy face and anytime I started to get in front of her, she would race ahead to stay in the lead. Those little legs can move! 

Would you ever get a DNA test for your pet? Does the breed matter to you or do you just want a good dog? Do you run with your dog?


  1. What a cutie!

    And too funny, a friend was telling me she did a doggie DNA kit and just got the results and was surprised by them!

    I didn't know dogs aren't supposed to run until they're over a year old. Interesting!


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