This announcement is long overdue, because you know, life.

I promise this blog isn't going to become one giant advertisement. I've definitely stopped reading blogs because it was all just sponsored posts and no real content. However, I am also proud to represent a few products that I really love. Spandits! is one of those products, and so I am so excited to announce that I have been selected as a Spandits ambassador!


1. They are made in Maine! That means high quality and they support the local economy. 

2. The fabrics are so fun! And they are constantly adding new ones. Even more exciting is that you can make custom Spandits! and choose a different pattern for each leg!

3. They are so comfortable! They have become my go-to summer clothing because they are so lightweight and breathable. So much more so than my other athletic stuff. I'll really be testing out the 4 way stretch as my baby bump grows!

4. They have a style for every body! I like my shorts long and my capris short! I definitely don't have a thigh gap, so I need a longer short to keep my inner thighs from chafing. The boardies  style short is the perfect length. (But if you prefer to show off you booty, they have a boy short too!) On the other hand, I have super short legs so a lot of capri style pants are way too long. They hit right above my ankle and look silly! The over the knee capri style is perfect. (But if you are tall or like a longer style, they also have a 3/4 tight and full length tight). 

Starry Night running skirt!

Have I convinced you yet how amazing these are? Head over to and use the code SPANDITSLOVE at checkout at to save 10%. Tell them Kiersten sent you.