A New Normal

According to TimeHop, three years ago I was in Japan.

I ate this amazing breakfast

 And then had an amazing day of skiing on the slopes where the Nagano Olympics were held.

Two years ago today, we were just getting to New Zealand for the start of a 3 week road trip.

Today my big excitement was tummy time with the baby and steam mopping the bathroom floor (seriously you need a steam mop, they are amazing!)

It's hard sometimes not to miss my old life. The life where I went on fabulous adventures. The life where I could go run for hours and then go to a long yoga class. The life where I could wear a real bra and some part of me wasn't always damp from spilled milk and spit up. 

But then this sweet baby gives me a big smile. 

Or nestles into me and falls asleep and stays there for hours snoring a cute baby snore.

And it is all worth it.

It's a big adjustment. It's learning to appreciate the little pleasures. It is finding satisfaction in someone else's happiness, achievement, and growth. It is finding your identity in a new role.

I'm getting there.