You Never Know (Moments from my life that I didn't share)

I read this blog post last week about how a blogger that I have followed for awhile got over her body issues. What surprised me is not that she got over her issues, but that it was such a problem in the first place. After reading a blog for awhile I feel like I know the blogger. I always thought of this person as such a positive, love myself type of person. This reminded me that we see such a small, curated version of life on social media.

This is problematic because we often compare ourselves to these idealized images. No one's life is as perfect as they make it seem on the inter-webs. So in the spirit of full disclosure, here are some real life moments from my life in the past week. This is who I really am.

Moments I Didn't Instagram

real life with an infant
Tip-toeing into the kitchen and trying to silently (so that my husband won't know) get a third portion of dessert. Healthy living blogger right here.

Ordering Dominos during the blizzard and eating 3/4 of a stuffed cheesy bread, 3 slices of pizza dipped in garlic butter, and 1/2 an order of cinnastix. This was followed by a bag of goldfish over the course of the afternoon and then a full dinner and ice cream. Then, waking up with a food hangover and such a sense of regret and guilt the next morning.

The evening that the baby screamed for hours no matter what we did to try and soothe him. I was so frustrated at one point that I screamed back at him for a minute. Mom of the year.

Dumping breast milk all over myself and the floor at 3 am when I was pumping. That carpet is going to smell great this summer.

Cooper refusing to eat on my left side unless he was flat on his back and I was doing an awkward side plank over him. I'm glad no one got a picture because it wasn't pretty.

What were your fail moments of the week? Do you think it is important than we try to depict our lives more realistically, or do you think the whole point of social media is to allow us to show our lives as we want them to be?


  1. I like the new layout!

    I think it's important to share these "fails," too :) But I feel like there is such a fine line between people who are too rosy all the time and who just bitch all the time! Maybe that is just my social media feed (not talking about blogs per se).

    I can totally relate to your food, especially sneaking desserts! Heh.

    Sad about the spilled milk :(

    1. I didn't even think about those people- and I totally know the ones you mean. I think the difference between the chronic bitchers and what I was hoping for is a sense of responsibility. The people who just complain seem to think the world is always against them. I more just wanted to point out that I am not perfect. I choose to go back for those thirds on dessert even though I know I don't need it and will regret it. I chose to be lazy and not turn on the light and so I spilled the milk.

    2. Oh yeah! What you are doing here is different! It just made me think of those people because these sorts of conversations always do. LOL. I can only handle a very small amount of "woe is me." Own it!


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