In a Fog

I'm back in Santa Rosa after 2 wonderful weeks of working remotely from home. My body had finally gotten used to being in a single time zone for more than 4 days, and is not happy with the time zone. Yesterday morning I was in a fog, literally and figuratively. The figurative fog was resolved with massive quantities of coffee, but I'm still struggling with the literal fog. The issue is that I'm running in the dark and it's frequently warm and foggy. The fog makes the light of my headlamp reflect right back at me, so I can't see where I'm running or what is around me. I'm going to be pretty annoyed if I roll my ankle on a bump in the road because I can't see it. Plus, since the attack I like to periodically stop and scan around me, but I can't do this in the fog. I nearly jumped out of my skin this morning because I thought I saw a person lurking on a corner. As I got closer I saw it was actually a stop sign. Looking at my heart rate graph after the run, it looks like I was doing intervals. Nope, just me getting scared out of my mind every few minutes.