My dirty secret

I could not say this out loud anywhere in New England right now or I'd probably be shot, but I am still excited for snow. I love snow. Even this winter when the piles are threatening to take over the town and we're spent more time shoveling the driveway than anything doing anything else. I love it even though it's made my long runs more difficult and I'll probably have to run in the middle of the main road until May because nothing else is clear. Even as they are projecting another 26 inches over the next 2 days and I've been on hold with Jet Blue for an hour trying to reschedule my flight. It's worth it. Because snow lets you glide across a silent field and feel the warm sun contrast with the cool air on your face and feel impossibly fast and light. Because snow lets you bomb down a mountain and lean over so far on your edges that you are defying gravity. Because snow lets you make an improvisational sled and feel like a kid again even though an hour ago you were yelling in frustration as you did you taxes. Because snow gives you license to drink unlimited cocoa. And so I'll shout it silently to myself "Let it Snow, let it snow, let it snow."

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