Early morning Running

Yesterday morning I got up at 2 am to run before my flight. It seemed crazy when I set my alarm, crazy when my alarm went off, and crazy as I opened the door to complete darkness. As soon as I started running though, it didn't seem so crazy. During these long days of summer I haven't run in the dark recently. I forgot how much I like it. The air is cool, the world is silent, and running feels fast and effortless. It really is true that you only regret the runs you don't do. After I was attacked running 2 years ago, running in the dark terrified me. I think it's a good sign that I am back to loving it.  

 But I do exercise more caution now. When I'm traveling for work and don't know the area, or it doesn't look safe, I hit the treadmill. So the rest of the week I'll be confined to the hotel treadmill since I'm back in Lubbock, Texas for the week. All the more reason why I am so glad I got that run in yesterday morning.


  1. WTG getting a crazy early run in! I miss dark running too from early winter days. I should try to get up that early this Friday before I get on my flight to NYC.

  2. Hmmm NYC that is only a 6 hour train ride away from Maine....... come visit!


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