My first yoga teaching experience

As I have gotten more regular with my yoga practice, I've also gotten more interested in possibly getting certified to teach. I went to a yoga seminar early in the summer where there were several women who had just gone through the teacher training process and they all said it was wonderful. So when my Mom's neighbor asked if I'd be interested in teaching a yoga class at the conference she was organizing at Newagen Inn, I jumped at the chance. I figured it would be a good idea to try teaching to see if I like it before making the significant investment in getting certified. In college I learned that while I love to ski, I do not enjoy teaching people to ski (at least I didn't enjoy teaching large groups of 3-4 year olds to ski).

My alarm went off bright and early at 5 this morning. I'd had a nightmare during the night that I got to the Inn and there were people waiting for me to teach a Zumba class. Of all the various forms of exercise I do, Zumba is not one of them! Luckily, when I actually got to the Inn the women waiting were waiting for yoga! I had been hoping to hold class outside, right down by the water, but we'd had a really heavy dew and the grass was soaked. So we were on the screened porch instead. There was still nice fresh air and a great view.

How could you not like the view of this harbor?

I'd spent quite a bit of time designing the flow of my class. I took a lot of notes at the yoga classes I've been to this summer and did some on-line research. I tried to design a class that started slow and easy with childs pose, cat/cow, and thread the needle to ease everyone into the day, then got hearts and muscles pumping a little with sun salutations and warrior series, before slowing down again at the end with boat, wheel, and bridges to leave everyone feeling refreshed.

I felt a little awkward at first. All those inspirational sayings I love hearing during a class sounded cheesy when I said them. I was sweating like crazy even though we had barely started. It was hard to demonstrate a pose and talk at the same time. But just as my body always loosens up while taking a class, I started loosening up into teaching. I laughed and made jokes when I messed up. I liked observing the participants of the class and trying to take them right to the edge where they were challenged but not push too much.

In the end I loved the experience. What could be better than sharing something you love and making people feel great? I wish I could commit to teacher training this fall, but I just know with my travel schedule for work that there is no way I can be at training all day every Saturday and 2 nights a week. But soon.

Namaste friends.


  1. Amazing yoga's factor by you and great experience.....!

  2. That’s nice to hear, that you have a bigger goal in learning yoga. I think being an instructor is attainable. And no matter what, taking a certification course will benefit you. In case you decide to retreat, the teacher training will still step up your practice and improve your understanding of anatomy, alignment philosophy, and sequencing. ;]


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