A winter beach to beat the blues

I have been feeling a little down this week. It is nothing major, just a few little things, but I knew I needed to do something lift my spirits. It was the warmest sunniest day we've had in weeks yesterday so I used my lunch hour to walk on the beach.

Mitten on a fence at Willard Beach

Sea-side Snowman

Flamingos in the snow

Casco Bay

It was just what I needed. The sun, the fresh air, the sound of the ocean, the pink plastic flamingos in a snowy yard, and the snow man with seaweed hair totally revived me. It made me wonder why I don't go every day. It is seriously 5 minutes away, but I always convince myself I don't have time.

What is your go to place when you need a boost?


  1. What a beautiful go to place! I am happy it helped give yout hat boost! Hmm. My go to place would have to be trails with lots of trees :) Not close enough to water! :)


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