OMG decent race pictures

All of us that run road races know that it is very, very rare to get a race picture where you don't look terrible. I have run more than 100 races and I can count on one hand how many half-way decent pictures I have had taken of me. So what a surprise when I went to look at the pictures from the Boston Prep Derry 16 miler and found not just one, but a bunch of good pictures. Not only that, but the pictures were free to download. Total score!! I am so impressed that I will give the photographers, Nuvision Action Image a shoutout.

 But of course, they can't all be winners. There were some pretty funny bad pics in there too. Like this one of me halfway up a killer hill. Don't I look happy?

What is your favorite race picture? How about the worst picture?


  1. Aww! I love the one going up the hill! Ha ha! So cool when races have free pics... and even better when they turn out great!

    I love my pics from the NFEC 50K and the NYCM! My funniest (worst) pic is me with a clown running behind me at a 5K!


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