Three Things Thursday

Happy Thursday! I am particularly excited that it is almost the weekend, because I have fun plans for the weekend. Which brings me to my first thing...

1. I am headed to Nashville this weekend with my Mom and my Aunt. My little cousin is studying there this semester so we are going to visit. The four of us have never been on a trip together before but I think it's going to be a blast. Anyone know of good places to run in Nashville?

2. My donut problem is back. I had gone a week without one and finally gotten to the point where I wasn't craving them anymore. Then the BF and I walked to go vote on Tuesday and he suggested a donut afterwards. Once I set foot in that bakery, I was done for. No way I could resist.

3. Poor Dixie dog is getting stuck in the cone of shame today. She got a minor scratch on her face last weekend, but she keeps clawing at it has made it much worse. We've tried everything to keep her from scratching at it, but nothing has worked. Well not everything, I wanted to put socks on her legs and duct tape them on. But R said no. So into the cone she goes.