Three Things Thursday

Hi Friends! I've been too exhausted lately to put together a coherent post about anything, here are some random things on my mind and happening in my life lately.

1) Tickpocolpyse
My friend and I went for hike on Sunday with the baby and our dogs. It was a lovely until halfway through when we realized we were all completely covered in ticks. I have never seen anything like it. It was absolutely horrifying. There were hundreds of them. I took off my socks and shoes when we got back to the cars and they were just crawling with ticks. As soon as I got home, Cooper and I went straight into the bath. My poor husband had just gotten up after working a midnight shift and had to spend hours combing them out of the dog. She looked like a Dalmatian she was so covered. I vacuumed and sprayed tick spray all over my car, but Monday morning as I drove to work, a tick fell off the ceiling and onto my face. Its been days and I still feel like I have things crawling all over me. So gross!!

2) On the Other Side
We take Cooper to the same pediatrician office where I work and it is interesting to see things from the patient side. We complain about the parents who call multiple times in a day, but now as a parent I totally get it. When there is something wrong with your kid, you want it fixed NOW. We have been going through this nightmare of trying to get liquid Prilosec to help with Cooper's reflux. We have called the pediatrician, CVS, and insurance dozens of times in the last 2 days and we still don't have the med.

3) Food Rut
I am in a major food rut lately. In trying to eat things that are cheap, easy, and healthy, I find myself making the same things over and over. I never want to see another chicken breast or egg. Easy lunch and dinner ideas?

What is happening in your world?


  1. OMG. Those ticks. What a freaking nightmare! I was freaked out having ONE on me the other day - I can't imagine all those! Eek!

    I hope Cooper got his meds! :(


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