Cooper's First Run

Happy Wednesday. We are on the struggle bus in our house lately. Last week Cooper's reflux was so bad that he was screaming in pain every time he tried to eat. There is nothing worse than having to watch your baby scream in pain and not being able to help him. We started him on a new medication Friday and it seems to be helping a lot. Unfortunately Friday he also had to get his 4 month shots which always upsets his equilibrium for awhile. And of course we are in the middle of the 4 month sleep regression- which means we are back to getting up every 3 hours all night.

Things aren't all gloom and doom however- at our 4 month visit we did get permission to do something I've been waiting to do since before Cooper was born- run with him!

The weather has been so bad that we didn't get to it until today. It still wasn't nice out, but it wasn't actively raining so we went for it!

My wonderful aunt got us the Thule Urban Glide jogging stroller as a baby shower gift and it is amazing. Seriously it has better shocks than my car! We got the car seat adapter to go with it so his car seat just sits on top of it until he is big enough to ride in the stroller itself.

Cooper was very interested in looking around at the world whizzing by for about 10 minutes and then he fell fast asleep. I had only planned to run for 30 mins or so since it was our first run, but they say not to wake a sleeping baby. So I ran until he woke up (about 55 minutes).

It definitely felt harder than running solo, but I strategically picked a flat path, and was happy to see that my pace wasn't much slower than usual.

I can't wait for a summer full of running with my boy!


  1. How awesome that he got to go on his first run! And that the meds are helping!


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