What a Good Mom

Cooper's first run in the stroller was quickly followed by his second and his third. On Friday as we passed an older woman walking her dogs she said "what a good Mom you are."

I couldn't stop smiling the rest of the run. I needed to hear that.

When you feel weak, go running. When you feel strong, go running!Honestly every time I exercise I feel selfish. I try my best to time our run around Cooper's eating and nap schedule, but on work mornings there is a very short window of time. I worry that I am messing up his schedule for the rest of the day. I feel badly that he is confined in the stroller instead of being able move freely. I feel badly that I am not doing something more interactive with him. When I go to the gym I feel badly that my husband has to watch him.

I have ALL the Mom guilt.

But this woman reminded me that it is self imposed. By making fitness a priority, I am being a good Mom.

I'm getting him out in the fresh air. He is getting to see and hear and feel so many different things in the outside world.

I'm setting an example of living a healthy lifestyle.

I'm doing something that rejuvenates me so that I can be a happier, better mother the whole rest of the day.

This wonderful woman had no idea how much her comment meant to me. So please people, don't be stingy with your compliments. A quick word to a stranger can totally change his or her day.


  1. I am happy she said that and that it meant so much to you! I bet it's so easy to get stuck in your head and have the mom guilt, but to an outsider like me, I would be thinking the same thing as her. And be thinking that you NEED that time for yourself to be the best mom to Cooper!


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