May Mix it Up Monday

Holy moly, I can't believe it is already the third Monday in May. This month is flying!! It has been feeling more like August than May here in Maine. Yesterday I woke up nice and early, and biked to running club. After the tri on Saturday I was hoping for a short, flat run. Not so much. I was the only woman, and then there were 6 hard core guys. We did a hilly and fast 6 miler. I was dying. Iced coffee at the Local Buzz after was maybe the best thing I've ever tasted, except I was embarrassed because I was so red and sweating bullets. None of the guys even looked like they'd been for a run. Love my grossness. Revived by my coffee, I decided to go out on the bike for another 15 miles instead of heading straight home. Then I went to Reid State Park and chilled on the beach. Mmmm I love the beach.

Anyway, on to May Mix it up Monday! This week I am challenging myself to mix up my food. I've been in a rut, eating a lot of sandwiches and cereal. BORING. I mean, I'm home with time to cook, and there is this incredible bounty of fresh seafood and veggies right now. So here's what I am planning this week

1. Fresh, homemade strawberry rhubarb sauce mixed into Greek Yogurt for breakfast.

2. Grilled pizza! At the farmer's market I got some awesome Maine whole wheat flour that I can use for crust, and fresh spinach, and mozzarella for toppings.

3. Fresh haddock with a sage pesto and grilled veggies.

4. Corn, avocado, cherry tomato, and kale salad

What are you cooking this week?