Cardinal Fitness in Lubbock Texas

I got up at 4:45 am yesterday to hit the gym before flying home. Then, when I got to the gym there was a sign on the door. "Door lock broken, gym closed." Seriously? They couldn't override the electronic lock? I started to go into an angry tailspin. I NEEDED my morning workout. I had overindulged a bit at dinner the night before (we went out to BBQ) and I was going to be sitting on planes ALL day. Just before I started yelling at the poor front desk clerk, I remembered that I had looked up nearby gyms before I left and one right by the hotel had early morning classes.

I booked it up to my room, got my wallet and keys, and headed for Cardinal's Fitness Performance Training. The guy at the front desk was super nice and scooted me right into PUMP and Kick even though I was 10 minutes late.

It wasn't quite what I was inspecting inside. Instead of a typical gym, it was a giant room of astroturf with lots of cool equipment around the edges. The class I took started off with 15 minutes of contact kickboxing. I slid on my gloves and started going at the bag. I was amazed at how much the stationary punching and kicking got my heart rate up.

After kickboxing we moved on to 15 minutes of sport drills. We did wall balls, close little wall ball bounces that totally burned my triceps, oblique twists, and jump ropes.

For the last 15 minutes we went into the aerobics studio for some TRX, which are these straps that are suspended from the ceiling. I LOVED them! It was a great workout, that totally challenged my strength and balance but also felt like a good stretch. I was like ready to go buy a set because I loved them so much!


So a day that started off badly was totally turned around. Unfortunately, I am going to have to be in Texas quite a bit this summer for work (it's just wayyyy too hot for me), but at least now I have Cardinal's to look forward to. 

What new workouts have you tried lately?
What new workouts have you tried lately?