Finally a good long run

I feel like I spent the last week reading about how everyone else was having great runs- Tina, Ali, and it seemed like everyone in the world. Meanwhile, my running was just ho-hum and sometimes downright sucky. But I really have been trying to stick to my goal of doing at least one 13 miler a month, even when I am not training for any specific distance events. It's just so much easier to stay in long run shape than to get back into shape. That meant that I had to do a long run this morning. This is the only week of the month that I am not traveling for work. The past weekend was jam-packed with birthday fun and staring tomorrow it is going to get majorly HOT. So today it was.

I didn't have high hopes for the run. Last night I coordinated a group of volunteers to cook dinner at the Ronald McDonald House. I ended up not eating any real food myself, except for  some of the left-over desserts (a cookie, a mini cupcake, and a brownie bite).

Doing good things for the community, but not for my diet.

so shiny, I have to use it
Then when I got home I just HAD to test out my beautiful new Kitchen Aid Mixer that I got for my birthday. I made almond meringues dipped in dark chocolate and ate about a million. So needless to say, it wasn't the best fueling strategy I have ever used.

But, I dragged myself out of bed early this morning anyway. I pretty much always have toast with peanut butter before longer runs, but on my last long run it was just so heavy in my stomach that I decided to skip it today and grabbed a couple handfuls of Multi-grain Cheerios and coffee instead. I also don't usually take any food for runs 13 miles or less, but today I brought a few Sweedish fish. I had one or two every half hour. And I decided to finally bring my new Fuel Belt. I found it on sale at TJ Maxx this winter for $6. It was an extra small, but I figured I could make it work. I used some of those velcro strips as extenders and it was great. So much more comfortable than my fanny pack style pack or my hand strap bottle.

I don't know if it was the left over sugar from the night before, the Sweedish Fish during the run, or that I am finally starting to acclimate to the warmer weather, but I felt good. I felt better than good, I felt great. I felt strong and my stride felt loose and easy. It wasn't blazing fast by any means, but I didn't intend it to be. I just wanted to like long runs again, and today I did!

pineapple and raspberry and yogurt oh my
And now, it's smoothie time!