Happy Birthday to Me!

Yesterday was my birthday and I am living it up! In proving that I am now really a grown-up, I have a whole weekend filled with fun activities instead of one night of crazy partying that incapacitates me for the rest of the weekend. And yet, a part of me misses those crazy days when I didn't worry about tomorrow.

Yesterday morning I woke up and headed to step class. After 2 weeks of working out alone in the hotel gym, it was so nice to be in a class with the music pumping and fancy new choreography. Then I went to lunch with some of my oldest girlfriends. One of them gave me a card with a picture of us all in 8th grade before the semi-formal. Flashback!

We went to Seadog Brewery and I had my favorite salad- chicken and artichoke skewers over a greek salad. 

At night the guy I am dating and I took the ferry out to Peak's Island for dinner. It's only like a 10-15 minute trip, but taking a boat to get there makes it seem like so much more of an adventure. We went to the Peak's Island Inn, and I had an amazing pasta. Cheese tortellini with lobster in a pesto sauce. After dinner we walked around the island for awhile and then got ice cream before taking the ferry home. As we took the ferry home the sun was setting over the city skyline. I heart Portland.

Today, my friend Breezy and I went on a kayaking adventure. Because I grew up further up the coast, I don't know the islands of Casco Bay that well. It was pretty windy and choppy, so we got soaked and were working hard, but it was still fun to explore.

We went around Great Diamond and Little Diamond islands before stopping for lunch at Fort Gorges. It was so cool- I never knew you could go in the fort. It was built in the 1800's, but it still standing strong.

We were the only people out there, so it was like we were discovering some ancient ruin. We got to climb all the way up on the top of the fort for a great view.

After exploring, we had a gourmet picnic- lemon hummus, wild mushroom spread, goat cheese, fresh farmer's market tomatoes, rosemary sourdough bread, wheat thins, and Breezy even brought little red wine bottles!

 Luckily the wind was behind us on the way back because I was too full to paddle hard! My kayak did fall off my car of the way home, doh, but luckily a few nice people stopped to help.

The fun continues tomorrow. We're heading up to my Mom's and going out on our neighbor's boat for a picnic on another island. Then at night hitting up the reggae booze cruise. I LOVE birthdays!


  1. Happy Birthday! That sounds like the perfect weekend so far! The dinner and the kayaking are right up my alley :) I have yet to do a real kayak adventure like that. I hope to someday :)


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