On the Edge

This fall I made a goal to improve my fitness, not just maintain it. I feel like I'd gotten stuck in a rut with the same old workouts. So, I started added some more speed works and hills into my runs, and added 2 additional strength workouts per week. For the first few weeks, I felt great.

Then, I started my new job. It is a killer. Because I work from home, and my customers are in California and Texas, I have a really hard time turning off at night because they just keep calling and e-mailing.

Last week it caught up with me and I started to crash. At first I just tried to push through. I told myself I just wasn't being tough enough. Then, I remembered a great post I'd read on Carrots N' Cake. You can't push in every area of your life at the same time. The extra intensity and frequency of my workouts was too much combined with the stress and long hours of my new job.


So I tried to really escape this weekend by heading up to my Mom's on Southport Island. It is my go to retreat. It was as pretty as always, but unfortunately, it wasn't quite the place of respite that I was looking for.

There was a ton of end of season stuff to do- haul out the boat and clean it, haul the dingy and kayak and lug them under the boathouse, close up the boathouse for the season, harvest the rest of the garden and get it ready for winter, etc. There wasn't a whole lot of time for relaxing. Then there was some nice family drama to end the weekend that culminated in a lot of yelling and tears. Lovely.

When I got home I had a whole long list of things I wanted to do. And then I reconsidered. Instead, I left the list on the table, headed to the bf's house and we crawled in bed with a movie at 8. Just what I needed.