The storm before the storm

It's been a busy weekend. Friday night I hosted a grilled pizza and pumpkin carving party before we headed out to the haunted hayrides. I hadn't been on these haunted hayrides since I was a teenager. Either they have gotten less scary, or I have become a little less of wimp!

It was a late night, so when my alarm went off for kickboxing Saturday morning, I just couldn't get up. That turned out to be a good thing because I discovered a great new class at my gym- athletic conditioning. We did agility drills on a ladder, and then cardio and strength intervals with boxes, jump-ropes, kettleballs, and plates. It really challenged me.

After the gym I decided to ignore my to-do list and head out to 2 Lights State Park. It was abnormally warm, sunny day and I wanted to spend some time outside. Unfortunately, there was a fog bank hovering off-shore.

The fog bank quickly moved inland and I very quickly could barely see beyond my own feet. 

 Saturday night I went to a Halloween bonfire where I ate my bodyweight in candy, toasted marshmellows, and cake. Ooops.

Today, I decided it was maybe a good idea to do some preparation for this monster storm that is supposed to be heading my way. I started off with a 9 mile run since it may be a few days before I can run outside again. I ran on the Eastern Trail through Scarborough and it definitely felt like the calm before the storm. Even though it was high tide there was hardly any wind and the water in the marsh was calm.

I started my run a little later than planned so I had to head straight to yoga and I was still 10 minutes late. I was freezing the whole class in my wet running clothes. It still felt good though, my right hamstring and hip has been really tight lately.

I took a quick shower and then headed to brunch with the bf. Nothing beats Becky's diner for an old school brunch.

So finally about 4 I actually started my storm prep. I brought in all my patio furniture.

 I filled up some bottles of water and got out my flashlight and headlamp. And naturally, I started cooking. I have enough to last a week. I cooked some beans for these curried pumpkin black bean burgers, made some vegan miso french onion soup, roasted Brussels sprouts, and cut up some fruit.

Bring it Sandy!


  1. What a nice weekend before the craziness :)

    I think part of the fun of the haunted hayride is going with other people who get freaked out - it makes it more scary. LOL :)


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