Mixing it Up

When it comes to my workout schedule, I am a create of habit.

Monday: 50 minute kickboxing class, 20 minutes treadclimber, abs.
Tuesday: 60 minute run, hips and glutes
Wednesday: 45 minute spin or bootcamp, 30 minute swim or elliptical
Thursday: 60 minute run,  hips and glutes
Friday: 50 minute step class, 20 minutes treadclimber, abs.
Saturday: 45 minute bootcamp, 25 minutes treadclimber, upper body strength
Sunday: Long run

Having a routine is good, but being ruled by it is not. After a solid week of snow, rain, and clouds, Saturday was finally sunny. So, after bootcamp I broke free of the gym and headed outside to run. It seemed like an awful lot of work to change from gym clothes into running clothes and drive down to Higgins Beach. But, once I got there, I was so glad I did it.

The remnants of the super storm were still off the coast so the surf was incredible. It was spectacular. I have never seen the water so high at Higgins. The water was almost to the top of the stairs and flooding the road.
 Plus, I was so much more efficient running than I am at the gym, so I was free in time to meet my friend for juice after her yoga class. I finally had a green juice that I loved. Total win! I was so inspired by the water and sun during my run that after juice, I dragged the boyfriend out of bed and out to Portland Head Light for a walk and some picture taking.

I have to remind myself sometimes to mix it up. It's always a struggle for me, but I am ultimately glad that I did.

Do you play it by ear when it comes to working out? Or do you have a fixed routine?