You don't always have to make a choice

God I love yoga. Not only do I always leave feeling like my body is totally restored, but I also always leave with my mental health in a much better place. I feel like it is only at yoga that I can really absorb those kernels of wisdom. The rest of the time there are just too many things flying around in my head.

Last night's little pearl of wisdom was that we don't always have to make a choice. We tend to think that we have to choose either A or Z. We agonize over these choices. Once we've made the choice we try to force ourselves into whatever we have chosen. But sometimes it is okay not to make a choice. Sometimes it is okay just to be and see what comes.

This applies to yoga obviously. It is good to just go to the mat and surrender. Do your body can do on that day.

But like all pearls of yoga wisdom, it applies to life too. Like this week. I had a 16 miler planned for Tuesday morning. Mother nature had other plans. I woke to 7 inches of snow on the ground, whiteout conditions, and gale force winds. So much for spring.

But damn it, I had decided to run 16 miles. So I suited up and headed out the door. It was miserable. Eventually, I realized I was being an idiot and stopped after 6 miles. It was a day where I needed to give in to where the world wanted me go (inside my warm, dry, non slippery house).

I felt like a failure for cutting it short, until I went to yoga. Then I realized that I wasn't giving up, I was going with the  flow. I will run tomorrow.