Sugarloaf Weekend

While I am still frequently second guessing my decision to drop from the full to the half for the Santiago Marathon, this weekend was not one of those times. If I was doing the full then I would have had an 18 miler on my schedule this weekend, which would have meant that I would have missed out on a fabulous weekend up at Sugarloaf.

My Mom is in a "band," and every year one of the fiddlers in her group invites us all up to her ski house for a weekend of skiing, music, and good food. This year was extra fun because the BF came along since I got him hooked on skiing.

We left at 7 am Saturday as soon as he got out of work (poor guy worked a 16 hour double shift and still wanted to come instead of going home to sleep) and were at the mountain in time to get in a solid 5 hours on the slopes. It has just been snowing and snowing and snowing in the mountains this year and the skiing was amazing. There was just so much powder!

Sugarloaf is a STEEP mountain and there are a lot of the black diamonds and double diamonds that I usually skip because they are icy. Not this weekend. We tore up the mountain. I was so impressed with the BF. It was only his 3rd day skiing EVER and he was tackling diamonds.

After skiing we headed to the camp. I have never seen the snowbanks so high, they almost covered the front of the house! We had a magical evening of food, friends, and music. We had a great mix of ages and we had a lot of fun experimenting with new types of music and instruments. We had fiddles, guitars, and new to the mix- ukeleles!
We played some traditional fiddle music and then moved on to pop hits from both my Mom's generation and my generation. As we played we nibbled and sipped on a great assortment of goodies- cheese, crackers, nuts, and herbal popcorn. After a good 3 hours of music, my fingers were more than ready for a break, and we feasted on shrimp casserole, salad, black bean wraps, chicken and artichoke salad, and veggie soup, topped off by my caramel sea salt turtle brownies.

Sunday we got to do it all again! We started the day with a big communal breakfast- bagels, veggie egg scramble, maple bacon, fruit, and coffee. Fueled up, we left the ladies to their music and headed to the mountain. It was another fantastic day. We skied nearly every trail on the mountain. We skied until the very last possible moment, catching the last chair of the day up the mountain.

Life is mad up of compromises. I gave up running a spring marathon, but in return I got back a weekend that I filled with some of my favorite things in the world.

How was your weekend?


  1. What an amazing time! Double blacks!!! Whoa!!! I love that your mom is in a little band. That is so cool :)


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