Learning to Love the Treadmill

It is no secret that I have never been a fan of the treadmill. The time just seems to go by soooooo slowly. However recently I've found myself choosing it more often and *gasp* almost enjoying it!

Of course these aren't exactly normal circumstances. We have gotten about 8 feet of snow in the past 14 days and it hasn't gotten above freezing. Running outside hasn't been a lot of run. There are so sidewalks, so I stuck sliding around the road, battling traffic. I am lucky if I keep moving forward.

So it feels pretty darn good to get on the treadmill, knowing I am safe, and get to actually run at a decent pace. I've learned a few treadmill tricks along the way. 

1. Find something good on TV. Distraction makes the time fly by. 
2. Do intervals where you are frequently changing your pace and/or elevation.
3. Find the treadmill where you are most comfortable. For me this is nearest to the fan, on the end of a row, and the treadmill that has separate controls for the TV and treadmill (otherwise I am always changing my speed instead of the channel!) 

Since I've been stuck doing multiple treadmill sessions a week, I've been trying to vary my workouts. This is one that focuses on longer intervals, helping to build endurance 

This one has shorter bursts of faster running which builds speed and torches tons of calories

Have you been forced to the treadmill by the weather? Or are you choosing alternate activities? What are your treadmill survival strategies?