Things that are always good

Yesterday I went for a long snowshoe with friends and after an active afternoon out in the cold, I was starving and majorly craving Thai. We headed to my favorite Thai place and I got my favorite pad thai. After my first bite I let out this huge satisfied sigh. It was just SO good.

It got me thinking about how you build some things up in your mind, but then when you actually have them, they aren't that good. And then there are those things that just never disappoint. Naturally that led to me making everyone else make a list of their favorite things that never disappoint.

POM's Crab Pad Thai. I mean pad thai is pretty much the best thing ever. Top it with tons of fresh Maine crab and you have made the best thing ever even better. Only twice in my life have I had the willpower not to eat the whole thing all at once.

Dairy Queen Turtle Pecan Mudslide Blizzard
I don't know what they do to those pecans, but they are the best nuts. Add in caramel, and hot fudge, and ice cream and I am a happy camper. Every time I try to branch out and try something I end up disappointed.

Heated Seats
My car is old and has a million miles but it totally redeems itself with heated seats. I seriously sometimes make up places to drive just so I can have a warm, toasty butt for a bit.

Scratch Bagels
Every weekend I try to convince myself I don't want a bagel because I don't want to deal with the crowd, but then I go anyway and I don't regret it. Crispy and sea-salty on the outside and light and chewy inside.

I love that feeling of getting all cozy and just letting myself melt into oblivion in a warm yoga studio after a challenging class. I truly feel reborn after.

What things never old to you?