It's Beginning to Feel a (little) Like Christmas

How is Christmas in 3 days?? I love the Christmas season, but I'm just having a hard time feeling the Christmas spirit this year. There's just so much working against being merry and jolly!

I was so busy with school until the end of last week.

But I did take time right after Thanksgiving to put up our tree
And it has been so strangely warm here. Where is my snow!!

I watched the boat parade in a sweatshirt. Usually I have on about 9 layers

Rory and I both came down with an awful cold

I basically spent a whole week lying on this couch blowing my nose

But now I'm on winter break and I am feeling better (it's still not snowing, but 2 out of 3 isn't bad.) I am determined to feel festive. 

I spent the past few days baking and bringing treats to friends and neighbors. My friends and I had a particularly good time decorating sugar cookies yesterday. Tonight is my first (of many) family parties. It is finally feeling (a little) like Christmas.


  1. I am happy your cold went away! Are you guys supposed to get any snow? We aren't... and it could hit 60 tomorrow. Nuts!


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