Running Presents from Santa

Hi Friends! How were your holidays? I had about 5 days straight of fun, food, and family. It was wonderful, but I am also really enjoying having a quiet, snow day at home today.

Santa knows me well and so I got a few fun running related items for Christmas.

I desperately needed a new pair of shoes for the gym, so these were my Christmas present to myself. The color is so fun and they feel great on my feet. Plus they were a super bargain at $64!

I am old school and run with an i-pod (I don't like to have my phone with me). I've always worn it on my arm because I like to be able to adjust the volume or easily skip a song while I'm running. However, the cord connecting my i-pod to my headphones always drove me nuts. I love these wireless headphones. They are super light and comfortable and stay right in place (which is always a problem with earbud style headphones and my tiny ears). I can even adjust the volume and skip tracks just by tapping the headphones, so I don't even need to keep my i-pod on my arm anymore!

I often run in the dark in the morning and I know how important it is to be seen. I've tried a few different vest style reflectors but they all chafed and annoyed me. This light up band is awesome. I can wear it around my wrist or arm on whatever side is closest to traffic. Once it gets light out, I can simply switch it off. A bonus is that I can wrap it around Sushi's collar when we walk at night so cars can also see her!

What did running Santa bring you?


  1. I've had a pair of bluetooth wirless Plantronics headphones for a few years and they are finally giving out! I will have to look in to this pair! :)

    Santa didn't bring me any running stuff :)


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