A Runner's Dilemma

I seem to be having a lot of ethical dilemmas lately. Or maybe I just overthink things. A couple weeks ago I was conflicted over my feelings of anger towards people who come late to yoga.
This week I'm conflicted over shoes.

Over the weekend I went to my local independently owned running store because I had a gift certificate. I figured that $75 would go a long way towards a new pair of shoes.

The staff were amazing. I told them about my running and what type of shoes I usually run in. They confirmed my size, watched my running form, and brought out 6 pairs of shoes for me to try (all of which I loved). Plus we had a great conversation about local running while I tried shoes on.

I was like, "why don't come here all the time??"

Then I went to pay

$160 for the same shoes that I buy on-line for $80.

This is my dilemma.

I want to support my local running store. They provide great customer service. Even as an experienced runner, I learned a lot. They also do amazing things for the local running community.

But I am also very frugal. Why would I pay twice as much for the very same shoes? My budget is especially tight right now while I am in school.

Do you buy your shoes at store, on-line, or both?


  1. If I get fitted I buy the first pair in the store and the rest online. I just can't afford to buy them in store. I understand their overhead and why the prices are higher, but I can't swing it when I go through so many pairs a year!


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