Snow Day

Today I got my first snow day of my nursing program! Yeah! When I woke up for clinical early this morning, I was so happy to see the emergency alert text saying school was closed.

It got me thinking about how snow days now are different than when I was a kid. I knew within 3 seconds of waking up that school was officially cancelled because I got a text.

As a kid I was usually the first person up in my family. So I'd look out the window to make sure it actually snowed and then go downstairs and turn on the TV. I'd have to sit and watch and wait as all the cancellations scrolled across the bottom of the screen. I'd cross my fingers as they got to the F's, because my school started with a G. It was so exciting when I finally saw "Gorham Schools- closed."

How did you find out about snow days as a kid? What was your favorite snow day activity? (Mine was watching the Price is Right while eating Mac and Cheese)


  1. Yay, snow day! I remember watching TV for the scroll with your school name! Now I think parents get texts at 5 am? (or calls? LOL)

    I loved playing in the snow on snow days!!!


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