I Should Know Better

After almost 15 years of running, I should know better than to keep running in worn out shoes just to save a few bucks (and because I am anal and like to start new pairs on the first of the month).

I loved these Hokas, but they barely lasted 300 miles. So I kept running in them even though they had no soles left. 
KIERSTEN DAWN- You only get one body, don't abuse it. You have 3 pairs of new shoes sitting in your closet- start wearing one now!!

After suffering various aches and pains for a few weeks, I finally bit the bullet and pulled out a new pair of shoes. Like magic, all those aches and pains were gone.

How many times has this happened to me? Why do I still do this to myself!


  1. I hope you learn from this time. Especially if you have all those shoes sitting there to be used! ;)


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