Running Buddies

Last weekend I went to Newport, RI for the wedding of one of my best friends from college. Although the wedding itself was a blast, for me the highlight of the weekend was getting to run with my friends.

It didn't hurt that we were running along the amazing cliff walk

I've been in a bit of a running funk this year. I think  it's because I run by myself in the very early morning. Not so fun.

Running with my college friends totally reminded me why I became a runner in the first place. When I started college, I could only run for about 20 minutes, and I just did it for the exercise. But within just a couple weeks I was running for an hour or more because it was so fun! I'd get talking with these girls and the miles just flew by.

This weekend was the same. I had worried about running with them because I'm not in the shape I was in college. But it was so fun. So fun. For the first time in awhile running felt easy. I didn't notice the time at all. I finished feeling elated.

the fields of spring flowers added to my elation

Too bad they all live too far away to run with on a regular basis. This did convince me though that I need to stop being so lazy and anti-social and find some local running friends.

Portland Maine area runners, where are you?


  1. Aww, what a wonderful time! I used to have a training partner like that, and she moved, and it's mostly solo miles for me. The miles with friends can go A LOT faster! I bet you could find some local runners... if you want :)

    1. It makes such a difference! It just seems like so much work to find a new buddy who has a schedule and pace that matches mine...... but I know it would be worth it in the long run.


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