All is calm, all is bright

So remember that New Year's resolution I made last year to be more mindful. I didn't do so well with that, but hey, the year isn't quite over yet. So over Christmas I made an extra effort to slow down, notice, and savor special moments.

Hiking out to Sunset Rock and watching the sun set on Christmas Eve with my Mom.

Sunset Rock. Cape Newagen, Southport Island Maine.

Singing Silent Night by candlelight in the little island church surrounded by people I have known since I was born. 

Southport United Methodist Church
Sleeping on the couch in the living room Christmas Eve, I watched the pellet stove flicker, the Christmas tree twinkle, while outside the ocean surf crashed and the stars shone.

Cape Newagen, Southport Island Maine

 A delicious Henry and David pear on Christmas morning.

Three rounds of presents. Quiet and calm with my Mom and brother Christmas morning; a competitive, rowdy grab bag with my boyfriend's family Christmas night; and a fun day after Christmas doggie dress-up and wrapping paper fight with my cousins, aunt, and uncle today,

What were your favorite Christmas moments?


  1. What a fun holiday! I really enjoyed slowing down too and just being quiet, and waiting to open gifts... it's interesing to see which adults can wait and which cannot!


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