It's the health, healthiest time of the year

The holiday season can be crazy, fun, stressful, and a lot of other things. One thing it usually isn't is healthy. While I have done my share of indulging (like sampling so much of my homemade Bailey's Irish Cream that I passed out on my couch at 8pm), I have also been trying to seek out healthier activities. This week I fit in a bunch of them.

Instead of going out for dinner and drinks, I met my friends one night at Lululemon's holiday party. The subtitle of the event was Yoga+Live Music+Friends+Food= Bliss. And it was!

 On a cold rainy night it was so nice to be inside a warm studio. It was packed to the gills so the energy was really flowing. The live music was an awesome extra touch. It really helped me relax. Instead of my mind wandering to all the things I needed to do when I was in more relaxing poses, I focused on the music. After yoga, Lululemon put out an awesome spread with wine, beer, fruit, cheese, and some treats. It was a great way to meet other people interested in yoga and healthy living. 

Most of the week it was snowing, raining, or sleeting, but Thursday was sunny and warm (warm for Maine in winter meaning it was above freezing). So I took advantage and got in my long run for the week. It was the most effortless and enjoyable run I've done in ages. 

 I have also been rocking the compression socks and pink crocs while working at home. Highly fashionable.
 Another night I met a friend for wine tasting. Afterward we decided to walk around the city and admire the view instead of going for more wine and fried bar food. 

I have plans to keep the healthy living going. Today I am meeting my sister to ski and I have the extended family all meeting to ice skate on Christmas. All of this means that I can of course indulge in all my favorites treats guilt free. 

What are your healthy habits during the holidays?