Sorry running, I cheated on you

I haven't been doing much blogging, or running, lately because I have been too busy out enjoying the snow. Although we didn't have snow on Christmas, we have gotten 3 good storms since! Last winter we hardly had any snow, so I was super excited to get out an enjoy. I have done it all- I have been out on my cross country skiis, snowshoes, sledding, and downhill skiiing.

I have thoroughly enjoyed being out enjoying winter, and just as thoroughly enjoyed the hot cocoa and fireplace when I came in. Although I know it is good for my body and my soul to do something different, I still always feel guilty when I have a low mileage running week. I feel like I cheated on running.

Does anyone feel this way? Have you been out enjoying winter?


  1. If I considered cross-training "cheating" I'd never be able to live with myself. Right now, my wife is teaching my eldest to downhill ski while I wait in the car with the baby. If he wakes, I will take him running. XC skiing tomorrow!

  2. Ooo, I definitely know that cheating on running feeling! Ahh! I have it when I run less than 5 days a week... and that is a lot. But man, your snow adventures sound so fun. Still not much snow here :( Wah!


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