The end of the no sugar, no wheat week

I caved a night early. Last night was Merry Madness in downtown Portland- all the shops were open late and had free snacks and wine! It was super fun. I rarely go shopping downtown, unless I have friends visiting from out of town. There is a lot of cute stuff. After a few glasses of free wine, I just couldn't resist the cookies, crackers, and treats.

And I did just what I was afraid I'd do. I went out of control and ate everything I saw. And shocker, that meant I didn't enjoy it much and I woke up feeling icky.

Aside from that, I am super proud of myself for lasting (almost a whole week). I found that giving myself clear guidelines, but not eliminating all food that is filling and tasty, worked really well. Overall, I felt a lot better, both physically and mentally. I think I am going to try to keep it going during the week until the new year. I have learned that allowing myself treats daily doesn't work for me. I can't stop at a reasonable portion.

What are your biggest dietary challenges??