It's official!

Look what I did yesterday.......

I am now officially registered for a marathon on my 6th continent!

When it looked like the best time to head to New Zealand was going to be February or March, I started looking at races. I ended up choosing the Bayleys Mountain to Surf Marathon primarily based on the date, but also because it is a road race (there were a lot of trail marathons), not an ultra (there were a lot of those too), and it supposed to be really scenic. Luckily, my husband is awesome and didn't mind planning our honeymoon around my race.

It is a point to point course that starts in Egmont National Park and ends at the ocean in Waitara. It's also a small race, which will be a nice change after the mass of people at Tokyo.

I started training this week and can't wait until February when we head to New Zealand!