New Zealand Training Weeks 1-3

I just completed my first 3 weeks of Marathon Training using a modified Doug Kurtis Intermediate Plan. Last year, while training for Tokyo, was the first time I did regular training updates and I really liked it. Taking the time to look back at my log and review my training really helped build my confidence, so I am going to do it again!

Here's a summary of my training plan so far.
Week Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Total Run
1 Run 7.16 Run 5.21 Track Run 5.8 Metabolic 1hr Step 1 hr, strength Metabolic 45m XT 30m Metabolic 45, XT 40m 18.6
2 Run 5.07 Spin 1hr, Strength Run 5.33 Track Run 6+6 Swim 45m Metabolic 45m XT 30m Metabolic 45, Run 3.2 25.63
3 Run 6 Pace Spin 1hr, Strength Run 6 Metabolic 1hr Run 12 OFF Metabolic 45, Run 3 27.66

Notes and Thoughts on Training

  • I love the track sessions, which is a shock to me! It is so fun to do something different than steady running. The sessions I've done so far have been: 4 x 800 meter with 200 meter rest and a ladder - 400m / 800m / 1200m with 400 meter rest. 
  • I am still up in the air about how I feel about the split long runs. More to come on these as I do a few more.....
  • My first "real" long run of 12 went great (physically). I was worried about jumping up to running 12 miles at once since the last time I ran more than 9 miles at once was in the spring! It was a brutally cold, windy day and I had a hard time getting my head in the game, but my body felt great the whole time. 
  • My new job where I am on my feet makes running on work days a lot harder (if I have to run after work), but makes running on non work days feel so much easier because my legs feel so fresh. I think the after work runs really help prepare me for the heavy leg feeling near the end of a marathon. 

What are you training for right now? How's it going?


  1. I think being on your feet at work and the runs on those days will help for the race too!

    I am happy to see you took at least one rest day ;)


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