What This Runner Wants For Christmas

R8 Quads, IT-Bands, Adductors
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Hi Friends! I try not to start the Christmas talk too early, but since next week is Thanksgiving, I figure it is time! Plus, I want to give Santa and his elves plenty of shopping time!

The R8 Massager

I tried this thing at a race expo two years ago and I've been wanting it ever since. It is the best self massage tool I've ever tried. It applies a lot of pressure and gets really deep (if you want it to, it's adjustable). It's just so darn expensive- I haven't been able to justify getting it for myself.


I jumped on the Nuun bandwagon a little late because I'd never had success with drinking anything except water while running. But now I am a convert! The electrolytes really help me feel better on longer runs, and because there isn't any sugar or carbs, it doesn't upset my stomach!


All of my running socks are looking a little saggy and starting to bunch under my feet when I run. Socks make a great stocking stuffer! I like the Wrightsock Stride, which has 2 layers to reduce blisters, and the Smartwool PhD Run Ultralight Mini , which keep my feet warm and dry all winter, and don't itch even though they are wool!


I'll be marathon training this winter and nothing helps my body recover like a massage. However, I always feel bad getting them for myself, so a gift certificate is an amazing gift.

What do you want from Santa?